The Value of an Advisor

Did You Know?

A recent study¹ revealed that individuals who work with a financial advisor over the course of at least 15 years accumulate 2.7 times (or 173%) more financial assets than those without professional financial advice.

Indeed, advised individuals tend to make the kinds of decisions and exhibit the types of behaviours that leave them better prepared for retirement than those without advisors.2

A Dozen Reasons to Have a Financial Advisor

Professional financial advisors can provide you with the needed expertise, experience and assistance for both your short- and long-term goals. A financial advisor can help you:

More Reasons

As well as helping you:

  1. Understand current market trends and their impact on your investments
  2. Reduce your debt and focus on saving for the future
  3. Consolidate your investments with your spouse in an effective tax-advantaged manner
  4. Monitor your portfolio and make the necessary changes based on your specific objectives
  5. Plan and maintain a budget with your goals in mind
  6. Select the right investment plan
  7. Prepare funds for emergencies
  8. Set up a tax advantaged plan for your children’s post secondary education
  9. Do estate planning so you can leave a legacy for your loved ones.

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