Putting the Thanks back into Thanksgiving

What or who are you thankful for?

05 Oct Putting the Thanks back into Thanksgiving

What or who are you thankful for?

As we get ready to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, what a perfect time to consider the meaning, value and impact of thanksgiving. You know, the act of being thankful.

It can be as simple as expressing thanks for waking up in the morning, for the people in your life, and yes, even for your problems! Ever heard the expression that life is a classroom and problems are the curriculum?

The truth is, it’s not happy people who are thankful; instead, it is thankful people who are happy. Did you catch that? It’s your choice. If you wait for your problems to get solved and your circumstances to change in order to be happy or thankful, you will be sorely disappointed.

The extent to which we can be grateful for what we have now, who we have in our lives, what we’ve been through, how hardships have shaped us, and how our blessings are a precious gift, not a right (removing any notion of entitlement), will change our lives.

Some words to take with you this weekend:

Gratitude is a choice. It can become a positive habit—but only with discipline. With continued exercise and practice, it will create more abundance, prosperity, well-being, joy and happiness than you ever thought possible. In what ways will you practice expressing your gratitude over the next week?—Darren Hardy

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Vision.

Jelena Gordon
Communications Director